PGTF Introduction


Pakistan Green Task Force (PGTF) is a registered welfare organization, which is working for preservation of environment in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and suburbs.

The organization includes most doctors, medical students and prominent people from other walks of life who, besides discharging their professional responsibilities, want to sincerely and unselfishly work for the welfare of the country and the nation. The successes of the PGTF in the fields of environment, health education and social welfare in a short span of time since its inception are an outcome of a good teamwork.

The basic objective of the PGTF is creation of awareness in people about the preservation of environment and educating them about the threats being faced by the humanity because of the growing water contamination and air pollution. The PGTF has not confined its activities to verbal avowals alone but has taken practical steps to prove that even the toughest of the objectives could be achieved through the sincere and true intentions and hard work. It has proved that a lot could be done for the welfare of the humanity on the self-help basis.

Because of its excellent work, the PGTF is a well-known organization and has to its credit several successes that could not be achieved by any organization single-handedly.