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Dr. Jamal Nasir is one of the renowned social worker. Hailing from Medical Profession, he has performed affordable essays splendid services in the field of health and medicine. After doing his specialization in Pathology, he is running urgent essay writing his own Pathological Lab which is considered among the reliable labs of Pakistan. The prominent icon of Dr Jamal’s personality is his social, welfare & charity services. Taking keen interest in public health, he has worked against community diseases like Hepatitis, Polio, Typhoid etc. He has arranged provision of safe drinking water in hundreds of educational institutions of Rawalpindi /Islamabad. His laboratory is dedicated for free medical tests of poor & needy patients.

About 40,000 persons per year avail this service. He has donated water coolers, Air conditioners and other necessities among the patients of different hospitals of twin cities. Renowned social services organizations are enjoying benefit of services of Dr. Jamal Nasir. Setting up free medical camps on permanent basis against various diseases occupy highest place in ladder of services of Dr. Jamal Nasir.

Dr. Jamal Nasir established 12 medical camps for free testing of dengue patients during September 2011 to October 2013. About 17,000 persons were beneficiaries of these camps. Dr. Jamal provided free medical tests facilities to thousands of persons during the avalanches of 2001, 2010 and earthquake of 2005. In addition to 70 workshops and seminars Dr Jamal has also participated in more than 50 international / national conferences. His 17 research articles have been published in eminent journals. The well-known organization Pakistan Green Task Force established by Dr Jamal Nasir has always been on top in tree plantation campaigns. This organization carries the singular honour of planting more then 5 lac authenticated samplings. Famous columnist & intellectuals of the country have conferred him as Abdul Sattar Edhi of Rawalpindi. “Sample Collection” is a small but highly valuable and informative book in Pathology. It is written by Dr Jamal Nasir. In recognition of his meritorious services in social sector President Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to honour Dr Jamal Nasir with Presidential Pride of Performance Award.

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“Temperature in atmosphere of earth is continuously increasing and ozone layer is facing grave threat because of environmental pollution and poisonous gases.”


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