Dr jamal Nasir with Saudi Ambassador in IIRO Function

Cooperation of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is playing an active role in supply of drinking water in Pakistan and other Muslim Countries. Relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will continue due to interest of Muslim Ummah. Saudi Arabia is helping Pakistan by spending 70 million Riyals in different projects to overcome the shortage of water in Pakistan . This was stated by Abdullah Bin Marzouk Al Zahrani Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan alongwith Dr. Jamal Nasir President Pakistan Green Task Force and Dr. Abdu Muhammad Attain Regional Director International Islamic Relief Organization on the occasion of World Water Day in a press conference organized by International Islamic Relief Organization; anorganization of Saudi Arabia. He stated that Saudi Arabia is taking serious action to overcome the shortage of water in Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion Dr. Jamal Nasir said that water is an essential part of life. There is swearing deficiency of water both at surface level and ground level of earth. If the world will not take serious action, there will be fight between countries on water. Dr. Jamal Nasir said that this year the theme  of World Water Day is Why Waste Water? He said that according to W.H.O  report 1.1 billion people are not getting access to water, 2.0 billion has less water and more than 80% diseases are spreading due to contaminated water.

Dr. Abdu Muhammad Attain while addressing on this occasion said that International Islamic Relief Organization is doing important job to help in various projects of Pakistan. He said that  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan should cooperate to overcome the shortage of water by making proper planning.

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